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NDI Studios, "Job Zombie"
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Reviewed on October 27th, 2009

I really liked the idea of this one. If the time was tightened up to meet he time limit, I bet it would have been one of the better HWs. I read that you didn't edit it down, because you knew it was too late to be HW, but I still would have cut it down a little for the sake of the video, itself. Cutting another 30+ second or so out woudl have helped the flow, alot. Other than, that it was pretty great the way it was. One other thing I notices was your framing of the boss. There was a little too much headroom, there. It looks like what happened was you framed it up while he was sitting up straight, but then he leaned forward for most of the shots. Really fantastic job, though. If I hadn't voted (for myself hehe) already, this would have probably been my LW choice.

AvatarBryan Fox
Reviewed on October 28th, 2009

That was pretty cool. Sorry you submitted too late for the Procoverage review show. I'm sure you could have cut this down to 30 seconds since there were some parts when the boss was talking that really dragged, even for such a short movie. I think the humor value would have been added if the zombie spoke with nothing but grunts and groans. I don't know of too many zombies in fiction that speak with normal voices. Looking forward to your next entry.

Reviewed on October 31st, 2009

I left you a couple notes in the forums - overall I LOVE the pun (so good.) but some technical issues kept this out of HW contention.

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