Reviewed on November 4th, 2005

good idea for a short little flick :)

Reviewed on November 4th, 2005

This is a creative idea, but I think it would be more effective if the narration made some sort of conventional sense.

Reviewed on November 4th, 2005

Stuff likes this really makes me smile because of the sheer original quality. Much better than the other movie \'Signs\' for sure. This reeks of good humour, well done.

Reviewed on November 6th, 2005

I\'m working on a clipshow like concept right now, this was well put together and is giving me some ideas of how to finish what I\'m working on.

Reviewed on November 6th, 2005

Interesting, but the zooming in and out of the signs is kind of overdone in this case.

Reviewed on November 13th, 2005

Haha, that opening line is so awesome. Dog owners and the handicapped. Very good concept here. It goes a little long, but I feel not too long. The voice over audio sounds good, and the footage looks nice. Maybe some other things besides zooming in on the signs would have been nice, get a little more creative with the shots.

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