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Help! I've never submitted before. What are the rules?

If you've never submitted before, the rules are simple. Each month, we give you a title, a genre, and a time limit. These are the rules with which to create your film by! Come back here and submit your entry, if we love it, it will be put in the heavyweights section to compete with the best of the best. If you don't abide by these rules, or your film isn't quite up to the level of the other entries, you will be put in the lightweights section.

Ok ... what do I get if I win?

Internet honor! But really, in the end it's about getting great reviews/tips from smart people, and having an excuse to make a new film, a venue to show it off in, and a deadline to push you to do it! Thanks! This sounds great, I'm going to start filming now! Weeeee

Good! Make sure to check out our future fights section for more, and our forums to go make friends.

Make a video for our next film fight
Due on July 23
1 days, 5 hours left

Film Fights Throwback: Loose Canon

Rules:The very first Film Fight ever! Won by Immortal Dog. In this fight your character is out of control! Show us how the situation falls apart.

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