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Completed August 8th, 2005
You've got a minute and a half to create the opening to a feature-length movie. You know, the part where things get set up, the names pop up on the screen, that kind of stuff.

"It was definately the best out of the fight. Also the worst. Hehe"


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Description: "A man's attempt to make millions on eBay lands him with a gift direct from God."


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Video "Mona List Toast"

by one trick pony

Genre: Intro

one trick pony73

Mona List Toast

by one trick pony

A man's attempt to make millions on eBay lands him with a gift direct from God.

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Smack Talk!

"Justin & VileKyle have won!nnMan, Oh man. Who ever thought DHermit and I would ever get even close to writing something here. Well I hope you all enjoyed the film. It was a pleasure to film with Justin and DHermit. If your looking to get Mona Lisa Toast in Full High Definition for free check it out on my site VileKyle.com And you just might want to check for a lot more HD work in the future. Also I feel bad if I didn't tell you to also check out OneTrick.net and DHermit.com for some good filmmakers and great friends.nnKyle Fasanella"

Avatar Justin
Los Angeles, CA
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Due July 23
01:30 max

Space Force

Genre: Mockumentary

Rules: Create a fake documentary about the first people to join the new branch of the U.S. military, "Space Force".

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