If You Search Woman / Mystery
Completed October 21st, 2006
Men and women! What are men always looking for? Women! What happens when your character searches for a woman? TIME LIMIT: 3.5 Min

"great to see you starring in one of your films, mike. picture quality was really great. nice rich tones. still shooting on the sony? sound was cut very seamlessly, except soe subtle stuff in the when you guys were talking on the bench at the begining. i always appreciate being able to hear the characters clearly...." read more

Avatar Jeremy
Peoria, IL
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Description: "Five Clover Films presents "If You Search Woman". Special thanks to Pete Condit, Sonja Ribicki and Matthew Peach for helping out with this entry!"

Submitted: October 1st, 2006

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Video "If You Search Woman"

by Five Clover Films

Genre: Mystery

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If You Search Woman

by Five Clover Films

Five Clover Films presents "If You Search Woman". Special thanks to Pete Condit, Sonja Ribicki a...

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Smack Talk!

"So this little film has managed to become a big hit. I originally really wanted to use the song "Mama Said Knock You Out" remake by this band in Indiana called Cattywhompus, who have been broken up for awhile. So after the idea for this filmfight came out, we decided to bring out our inner hick and improv the majority of this. Pete Condit gets the best line for "chicks dig monkeys", and Sonja throws a mean water bottle at me!! You don't really see me act in too many of our films so this one is a rarity. Glad you enjoyed it :)"

Avatar AKLPhilo
Detroit, MI
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Due January 21
05:00 max

Anything Goes

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