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"April's Fool" by Film Club - Reviewed on March 30th, 2015

the following review is for you guys to improve your film making, no to depreciate your work.
-Every single detail in your video communicates something, you don"t use camera movements because it looks cool, you use them for a storytelling purposes, for example ate be beginning of the video there is a zoom into the hose that is totally unnecessary so check out that on your next video.
-the second thing you need to improve is the audio, the sound effects are to loud and doesn't let the audience to hear the dialogue, also at the ending there is a whistle after the explosion that is cool to have it but is too loud.
-the last thing i wanna to talk is that if you want to make a parody trailer, watch real trailers so you can imitate things like the montage because in a trailer you need to tell the story of the movie in a few shots without revealing the ending letting the people in high expectation levels.
However the best way to learn film making is doing it so keep doing your thing guys.

Avatar alejandro961996
"April Fooled Too Far" by Radnaut - Reviewed on March 30th, 2015

you need to improve your acting Jeff, i cant tell if you are serious when you start talking to the camera and also you were smiling when you were suppose to be dead, the other guys laugh sound fake af.
The video might be a little better with more production value and if you're going to record only one shot improve the composition, believe it will make a diference.
the script was fun, good job with that.

Avatar alejandro961996
"Prom?" by A-OK Films - Reviewed on April 4th, 2015

i think that the concept of making the guy look like a wird jerk is cool but you needed to put more effort on showing the guy's personality, also the actor need to improve his acting, and i almost couldn't read the paper so you need to write it with markers or improve the lighting, otherwise good job with the montage :)

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