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"Planet Jar Jar" by One Trick Pony - Reviewed on May 18th, 2015

I really enjoyed this one. The special effects were cheesy enough to not take them too seriously, and the way you took a easy concept such as Star Wars video haiku, and make it a good funny comedy, instead of a simple lightsaber fight. Good job!

Avatar lukewilsoncine
"Achoo-D2" by The Phantom Monk - Reviewed on May 18th, 2015

Nice job with all the stop motion, voice acting, and sound effects. It was clear how much hard work you put into each frame of movement of the characters and working on the set design. The only problem I have would be that the joke is to simple, and doesn't really make sense. Is the joke that Darth Vader's sneeze sent R2-D2 flying, or is it that the storm troopers are getting hit by R2-D2. And what does Darth Vader's sneeze have to do with him in a whole, anybody could have sneezed, why was it Darth Vader? But still you did a good job animating the figures and creating the actually shots for your short film, keep working at it and don't give up!

Avatar ThePhantomMonk
Replied on May 18th, 2015

I feel for such a short film it's best to keep it simple, the concept is what would happen if a character as strong with the force as Vader were to sneeze. It's the power of the force released in a sneeze sending R2 flying so it couldn't have been just any character sneezing. Also if you listen to the yells of the stormtroopers as they get hit they make the first few notes of the Star Wars Theme tune, well almost, which was another little gag I put in there for fans to spot! Sorry if joke wasn't clear but you are the first person whose told me they didn't get it! Thanks for your review.

Avatar lukewilsoncine
"Star Wars Haiku" by Jamatofilms - Reviewed on May 18th, 2015

Nice. I really liked the establishing shot in the beginning, it really shows that the person we're watching is a big fan of the Star Wars films and this new movie is big for him. The only problem I had was the slight off timing of him falling over, I felt like he should of fallen just a little after he actually did, but this could just be me. You still did a really good job with this one and I anticipate more films from you In the future.

Avatar lukewilsoncine
"For Sale" by randomfilmproduction - Reviewed on May 18th, 2015

Very creative using Legos as a means to use stop motion sense it's so simple and easy to use. Also the subject of the video is something I would have never of thought of when thinking of a Star Wars video. But there still was a couple problems. The audio mixing was a little off and sometimes the sound effects would overlap what Han was saying and caused you to not understand him, and I think the Idea would have been better suited for a longer video, sense the vide has to be a haiku, the video jumps in and out too fast for the joke to really kick in. But you still did a good job and you're a worthy opponent to the other people participating.

Avatar lukewilsoncine
"Episode V.IV" by Film Club - Reviewed on May 20th, 2015

Great job! This is one of the more professional looking films in this competition, the sound effects, the lighting, the camera angles all look great and really helped achieve the tone for your film. I think the only problem I have is that you should have put some kind of short story in the film. Maybe have someone chasing him or maybe we see a Sith in the distance at the last shot, something to give a reason to the film other than looks and sound. But other than that small critique you did a really good job and just by watching this 17 second video I already want to see more from you.

Avatar lukewilsoncine
"Star Wars Episode XVIII" by LeagueOfEliteTeens - Reviewed on May 20th, 2015

You have a really nice atmosphere for your film, the music and costume design all helped create a world that we've never really seen in a Star Wars film. But, you should probably work on your shot placement and sound mixing, it would really help the film on taking that eerie tone to the next level. Also this doesn't really follow the rules of a 17 second video. Keep working in film and you'll definitely improve on your faults, you have a very creative mind so just keep working at it.

Avatar JR Films
Replied on May 20th, 2015

Thank you so much! I have to admit that iMovie is definitely not the ideal place to mix sound so I'm think of using garageband or something like that. And you are definitely right about the shots. My original vision was to make the second shot be looking right at me head on as I ran toward the camera. That was a problem because of background stuff and because I figured it would break the 180 degree rule so I would have to make the first shot be facing the opposite direction. But if I did that then I wouldn't be seen running from the camera like I wanted. Now that I think about it, inning toward the camera would have probably looked better but then the sudden scene change in the next shot but same direction would have looked choppy and poorly done. What would have been perfect is if I had the secong shot start with me jumping out of the trees I had jumped through in the previous shot. Then running and then getting lifted into the air as the camera followed me. That was much to difficult more me to execute even after multiple takes because I had to jump and then immediately get up and start running backwards. The running backwards looked like very unrealistic running when put in reverse so I couldn't use it. Plus the widescreen lens I used wasn't enough to cover it all and I didn't have a camera person to turn the camera slightly for me. With more thought I probably could have come up with better shot selections but i think that adding the zoom in and then the zoom sideways helped smoothen the shot transition. The last shot would have been great with a shot where the camera rapidly turns to the villain but I did't have a camera person so that couldn't be done but I'm fine with how it turned out. Thanks for reviewing!

Avatar lukewilsoncine
"Father's Lightsaber" by WillsAnimatedVisions - Reviewed on May 20th, 2015

Nice short film. Funny story and good stop motion. The only problem would be the sound design, some room tone or music in the background could've helped the audio tracks flow together more neatly. Other than that you had good voice acting and shot placement, this might be my favorite of the middleweight category. Great job!

Avatar lukewilsoncine
"The Attack on Tatooine" by my group - Reviewed on May 20th, 2015

As everyone else is saying this is more of a slideshow than a film. You should have took time to film something or make a animation rather than just put a couple pictures in your video editor. I can tell that you had a story that you were trying to show with the establishing shot, cutting to the lightsaber fight and then reviling Darth Vader, the animation of the lightsabers were done well but the film would've been a lot better if you used something else rather than still pictures. You should definitely enter in the next film fights to improve your skills and make you the best you can be. Good luck.

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