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"Hurt" by ARE YOU FROM IL? - Reviewed on August 7th, 2017

Very interesting story. On behalf of probably only me, thank you so much for not spoon-feeding the story. If I muted your movie and tried to figure out the plot solely on that, I'd miss out on a lot of parts, and I'd be very lost. Forcing me to focus to the dialogue helped keep me engaged, and I very much enjoy that type of movie.

I've got a few things to complain about, but they aren't that bad. The switch between a normal reflection to the guy's conscience was a bit too obvious, I would've liked it a lot more if you somehow managed to work in a seemless switch between the two, maybe using a different angle, and the main character barely reacting to that change or the gun, or kinda any of his conscience's dialogue is just a lot of missed opportunities to show the main character's drunk reaction to everything. Oh, and the end is cut off. I think you originally had it at 2 minutes or something and the movie didn't go completely to black. I'm not sure if it's an error on your part or a thing on purpose, just mentioning it.

Great film, I wish you had some competition to see if you could've been beat, but I guess everyone's like me and got swarmed with work or something like that.

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