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"Chores" by Ace Pro - Reviewed on September 19th, 2017

I thought the first shot with the silhouette was great and it did a good job setting the sinister tone you were going for. Also, the music very effective in establishing that your character had done something bad. Also, in the first silhouette shot, I really liked how we couldn't see the bag but you did a good job adding the sound effect so we could make a guess at what was happening. The next shot of the trash bag itself was also well done, especially the bobbing camera motion.

Then, it was a good choice in my opinion to have the in-the-trash can camera shot. The lid opening sound effect really sold it.

Now, here's the part I think was a bit of a missed opportunity. The way you put the trash bag into the can actually did take me out of the sinister atmosphere, and here's why.

You didn't struggle at all in lifting the trash bag, and it didn't look like you were lifting a human body at all. (assuming I got the message of the film right) I know this seems small, but in that shot it suddenly seemed to give it away that all you were doing was taking out the trash.

Note, I was expecting the bag to be heavy because not only did I think it was a heavy human body, but you were dragging it in the previous shot. Why would you be dragging it if it was actually as light as you made it seem when you lifted it into the can.

Here's my suggestion for this shot.

I think you could have kept up the creativity you had in the previous shots and done something with this shot. My idea would be to have jump cuts. So instead of starting with the lifting motion, start by struggling to lift the bag from the ground with to hands. You could even be using your knee to hoist it up. Then when it reaches the edge of the can, drop it in rather than lift it. The jump cuts would jump from the bag being on the ground, then maybe halfway up, and finally to you dropping it in. That way it shows that it took you more than three seconds to toss it in.

Also, I think it would have been a big bonus if after you put it in, you really sold the sinister idea by nervously glancing around being you as if to see if you were being watched. That really could have convinced me that you were disposing of a dead body instead of ordinary trash.

For the final shot, I liked how you stopped the music right when we see the text from the mom.

It could have helped to make the joke punchier if you zoomed in or cropped out the words at the top because most people read from top to bottom so personally, the message from mom wasn't the very first thing I saw. Therefore the joke wasn't as hard hitting.

Anyway, great job! I love your submission. :)

Avatar JR Films
"30 Second Guarantee" by EMUEFA - Reviewed on September 19th, 2017

The first shot with the double doors was a cool way to start and it was effective at establishing the fast pace right away. All of the shots made sense and felt right. Obviously the elevator button pressing really enhanced the urgency.

It was a very funny touch would you plowed down the guy in crutches. But, it could have been better in my opinion if we could hear more the of the impact. It would have been more consistent too since we heard the elevator button being pressed like crazy.

Maybe for the impact also include the sound of the guy hitting the ground just to show how ruthless this bagel delivery needs to be. Still, it was funny.

Now, starting from second 18 and on. I liked the music throughout, but i'm not sure if it would have been better if you had the big escalation finish right when he barged into the room and lunged forward to drop the bag on the table. Especially if you added the sound of the door slamming open to continue the urgency up until the final second. That would probably have been more dramatic and the music would end there because he's no longer in a rush. Then the delivery guy would walk out exhausted and breathing hard to send the text and the guy inside would take the bagel out of the bag.

The possible issue with my idea is that maybe the last few seconds after the bagel is delivered might not transition to an ending as well as your current ending does. The final two second of music when the guy is eating the bagel really closes the shot well.

In my idea it might be funnier when he's giving the delivery, but then the importance might be gone during the text and bagel reveal. Maybe not though. Either way though my idea was just an option and I really liked your idea.

Great job! Well done.

Avatar deadstrange
Replied on September 20th, 2017

Great review!

Avatar JR Films
"Chores" by Ace Pro - Reviewed on September 19th, 2017

I forgot to mention that you shouldn't have named your film "chores." That really does give the ending away or it at least makes it less surprising. The main joke in the film depends on completely convincing the audience that this person is sinister, has killed someone, and is actually placing their dead body in the trash can.

I name like "the bag" would have been much better at keeping the secret and creating a better twist.

Avatar AceM0NKY
Replied on September 20th, 2017

Hey, thanks for the review! I mainly agree with what you say. The ideas you have would've most definitely made the video better. I actually filmed more shots than I've used, because I realized how short of a time 30 seconds actually was. If the maximum time wasn't that short I would've build up the scenario a lot more. The idea of suspiciously looking around is really well-thought. And I tried to make it look like I was struggling with the bag, but I'm not really known as an actor and I've never been good at charades xD. I work more behind-the-scenes when filming with friends, but practice makes perfect. Thanks again for the feedback!

Avatar JR Films
"ROTTEN" by Sudart Studios - Reviewed on September 19th, 2017

Some of the middleweights definitely could have competed with the heavy weights, and in my opinion, this is one of them. The introduction is really intriguing, realistic, suspenseful, and aesthetically well done. I like the darkness at the end of the hall, plus the slight angle you have on the shot instead of shooting straight down the hall. The window adds a lot as well the good appearance. Immediately I wonder why that guy was coughing and what he was running from so clearly you had me engaged.

I big plus to this film is that unlike every other film here (including mine) you texted the "I did it it's done" at the start of the film. Therefore, those words actually add suspense to the story from the very beginning. Great job.

I should also mention that you were also the only film to add the text in a word bubble rather than showing it in an insert shot. (This is much better, not only because it's more visible and clearer to see, but because we still get to see the rest of the shot as well. Also, I actually could see immediately who you were texting (the doctor) without having to try and find it.

The sound quality is also very high and it really enhances the acting because ewe can hear the breathing, coughing, movement, etc. Plus, the siren and helicopter are really effective (not at all annoying) and they make the whole film feel like some sort of real life actually tragedy is happening from start to finish.

I really liked the acting when you looked over the edge. It was very convincing the way you turned around and covered your face in disgust. The great part is that you did this before we got to see what you were looking at so added suspense.

Then, the location you filmed in was a huge factor in making the film look great. I like the balconies and the flags and the color of the building. It added a huge amount to the realism; so much so that I'd even believe the green gas we real.

I wouldn't count this as a negative, because it's made me think, but I definitely don't fully understand the story.

My thought is that the guy set off some kind of tear gas smoke on the street and his little brother obviously must have inhaled some. I have no idea why he texted this to the doctor but that isn't a negative to the film because it made me think and i'm still thinking about what the motive is. How is the doctor involved? Why does he look like he's in pain in the beginning?

Excellent film. Great work.

Avatar JR Films
"smack n cease" by mexican from asia - Reviewed on September 19th, 2017

The music is really cool. Wow.

Anyway, the opening is great with the moving in shot from around the wall. The atmosphere is dark, grimy, suspenseful and even sadistic looking. Especially with that awesome music

I like the choice of cutting the bag open with a big knife instead of scissors or something.

Also, I liked how I couldn't tell at all what was being prepared or what you were opening. It actually looked like it was even bleeding for some reason, which added to the creepy factor.

I like the small details too like the unnerving buzz sound at 17 seconds, when you're moving in to the phones (did i mention the motion in this active and interesting!) and the fact that you had nothing else distracting on the phone screen except the message. Also, the detail of making the message "is it ready" come from an unknown person adds to the value of this tremendously.

The voice acting is excellent in my opinion. The voice, "is that it sounds so inhuman and unnatural, especially coming from behind weird tilting camera shots.

The "yep it's right here sounds ominous as well, so when the mood suddenly changes (great mood change with the dark to bright) from grimy creepiness, to funny goofy creepy uncanny valley, it really is impactful.

Excellent job!

Avatar JR Films
"He Finally Did It!!" by Squonk Vidzz - Reviewed on September 19th, 2017

That typing had me so frustrated I could barely take it! (in a funny way)

The mood was goofy and weird with the odd zoom in to the phone and the strange music. The actor was perfect for this role. His position at the end was great, and the article was made me laugh. Also, I like how that text was sent to a guy named "Shmershel"
God job! :)

Avatar JR Films
"I Did It" by Sneaky Squirrels - Reviewed on September 20th, 2017

I thought it was really funny how Kanye West was requesting this terrible song. And then it made me laugh when JLo requested the next song.

The great thing about this is that you make it so realistic with the messages that these famous people want these comically bad songs from this guy, and the celebrities are taking it so seriously. The big screen part is also very funny.

Good job!

Avatar Squirrelsson
Replied on September 22nd, 2017

He-he, thanks. You can do this with the music industry these days.. Think about JLo's "I Ain't Your Mama" that is on the radio all the time. Today any crap song can be big, so in a short you can sell pretty much anything as a potential hit.
Thanks again for being so positive.

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