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"Family" by Ground Floor Films - Reviewed on July 10th, 2006

I liked this. Camera work was very nice. And the flashbacks were good and sappy. I few things that would have made this even better. MUSIC!! This desperatly needed some mood music. The lack of music was even more glaring because there was not alot of Dialuge. The interior shots needed more light. The zoom to the blood spatter on her face and the gun shot when thought everything was going to be OK was great. ALso I was confused with the whole girlfriend thing. What was the deal with all those fone calls? I didn't get that at all.
Overall cool film. Keep it up...more MOre MORE!!

Avatar wally_x
"Disciples of the Gun" by Pocket Aces Productions - Reviewed on July 10th, 2006

The mood lighting is nice, but needs alittle more, the Don was to dark. The set was great. "The Don says don't touch him" NICE. Again it was too dark when the main guy was hanging off the roof about to drop the rock. What would have made the scene lite perfect is a reflector. Just cover a big flat piece of cardboard with tin foil and use it to bounce some of that bright sun light on faces and stuff. This also could have been used in the trunk scene.The part with the gun through the paper was awesome, and shot threw the paper was PERFECT, when the girl gets "iced".....great. The gun in the bun...sweet. "Baby Buns Baboli!!!" HAHAHHAHAHA
This was funny and timing and pacing was good. A few technical improvements would make it better, but the story was great. Best so far.

Avatar wally_x
"The Godfather IV: Beer, Blood and Bar Mitzvah" by White Smoke Films - Reviewed on July 10th, 2006

This was funny, but I can't tell why. Probably cause I resist silly dancing and wacky music. YOu looked like you had fun making this and the music was well done. Oh damn that chipper thing is crazy!!!! Alittled more light inside the office would be nice. Why is that kid licking a the "Power wand 5000"? cuz it's hilarious thats why!! What do you guys edit with? Mac? What program? This was very funny. Me like-ee!!!

Avatar wally_x
"Disciples of the Gun" by 8th Day Labour - Reviewed on July 10th, 2006

The filter or whatver is kinda getting annoying. I would use really heavy effects like this only when emphasizing something. Alot of times less really is more.The dialouge is pretty cliche. Why didn't the hero just shoot that guy in the face? Also Nothing is explained, a bunch of people just die real quick. A simpler plot explained and executed well is better then a complicated plot that is rushed. I liked some of the camera work.

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