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Taco Snatcher Industries, "Intruders"
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Reviewed on July 1st, 2011

So this one wasn't too hard to follow. Character dialog helps with that. At times though when reciting the lines at times it seemed dry or it looked like you messed up a little. It's okay to take multiple shots of the same line until you get it right. But honestly I suck at acting, so I don't have much room to talk. Still, overall a good idea and fun to watch.

Reviewed on July 1st, 2011

In the dialogue there were pauses that felt like they didn't remember their lines. Ah the signal, good one. They didn't sound stressed enough when the girl returned. Yes "why didn't we have a phone or walkie talkie?" Haha good point. When the door was being opened, I feel like they looked at the camera instead of the door. And at the end of "Intruders" they were on both sides of the door, I liked that a little better.

Reviewed on July 4th, 2011

Two people remade the SAME lightweight ??? That's amazing, and crazy. "That guy is gonna cap all of us." hah - funny line delivery.

This seems like the most ambitious of all the taco snatcher films I've seen so far. I suppose I sort of see how this correlates to the original, but with a lot more people. There's just too many people to keep track of anything that is going on. What are these teams? Who is who?

You gotta turn off the auto exposure on your camera - it's like the first step to becoming a professional - knowing how to properly set exposure. Haha -- "We're gonna fell this mission" - haha.

This one, like the other remake of this LW, doesn't have the same awesome intense "both hands on the door handle" moment - that was the best part!!! We don't see the woman coming home in context with the people robbing the place, which leaves us with no suspense at all. Overall just too many people for a short film, the setup wasn't clearly explained, and some (sorry) really awful acting and improv that should have been cut down quite a bit.

Better to keep it short and sweet and SHOW not TELL us.

Thanks for the submission! These are just my ramblings, take 'em or leave 'em :)

Reviewed on July 6th, 2011

Haha, we did the same LW, crazy stuff but cool at the same time, I like the approach you gave to it of the remake concept.

I also like the music you put to it, sort of like a ocean's eleven kind of thing, very cool...It must of been fun to film with so many people, I wish I got that many people to film whenever I do my projects.

The editing flow seems good, just a few scenes that could have ended a bit sooner ( I noticed some shots where you can hear and see right before the camera operator is about to stop recording). it's best to just cut before the camera shakes, if you have to leave more of the shot, then try eliminating the sound of the handheld.

Although I understand if you're using a basic editing software (like movie maker), I could give you some tips if you're using Sony Vegas or some software like that.

Also, do you storyboard? If you don't, I think it's best if you did a quick one to see what angles you're going to do, its a HUGE time saver and it'll help you have a better vision of what you want, and sometimes it can help you see if there's something not right with a scene, you don't have to be a good drawer or anything, you just have to draw something simple and basic, enough that you can understand what angle it's going to be.

Overall, it's pretty good and funny. Just some technical stuff and story flow that can be easily improved with more experience.

AvatarTaco Snatcher Industries
Reviewed on July 6th, 2011

thanks, and you guys did an awesome job by the way. You did an amazing job keeping the suspense of the original. keep up the good work, and I hope we will see more from fcf

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