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Don and Murph, "Don and Murph Valentines Day"
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Reviewed on February 13th, 2006

that was interesting. i tihnk that it would have benefited froom a lot more trimming, but still pretty good.

Reviewed on February 13th, 2006

Hehe-- I saw this one on your site. It was funny then, too. I can\'t quit thinking the skinny guy reminds me A LOT of Garth from Waynes World.

Good acting. They kept it straight (in a matter of speaking) with the lines.

Good story. Definitely a classic situation, but with a brokeback sort of twist on it.

The lighting was crazy. It looks as though the lights were pretty much blaring right at the subjects. That\'s never good. You wash out a lot of contrast and create this heavy shadow right behind them. Try lighting the SIDE of the subject. That way you can get some contrast with the shadows on their face/body and you can keep the shadow on the wall out of the frame.

Sound had a lot of annoying hum to it. Try adding some audio filters with your editing program.

You were pretty consistent with the shots, which is good. The walking montage could have been a whole lot shorter.

Make sure the camera doesnt drift too far up leaving a lot of empty space above their head in the frame.

Overall I enjoyed this one too! Very funny and the actors did a good job. Especially Garth.

Reviewed on February 13th, 2006

The big life-sized barbies from the 90s.. haha! And great camerawork when you bust outta the package (I never expected some dude to jump outta there!) .... The walking sequence should have been trimmed down, but overall some funny stuff here. I looked at your site and realized you guys have a following over there.. I\'ll go through and check out more stuff from you guys soon.

Reviewed on February 13th, 2006

Hahahaha, a fat guy making a fool of himself, an instant blockbuster!!!! No, on a more serious note, this movie sucked.

Reviewed on February 15th, 2006

This movie was probably the most retarded thing ive ever seen,, u made me 1 step closer to killling my self, dont ever send in another film.

Reviewed on February 15th, 2006

this is horrible no one wants to see u naked, dont ever enter another movie with ur ass naked u made me want to kill my self. i never ever want to see u naked again u have bigger boobs than my fricken mom

Reviewed on February 15th, 2006

disturbing... just disturbing. I guess it was good acting for the characters. I think that walking of Don got a little long, but I guess that this was pretty good considering the content of the video.

Reviewed on February 16th, 2006


i laughed so hard when don came out of the package

this whole movie was really funny actually, ill ahve to check out the other episodes of this

all i can say is that the lighting needs some work, other than that i liked it!

Reviewed on February 18th, 2006

Wow, I mean all I can say is wow. I\'m not sure my eyes will ever be the same again.

The image of Don popping out of the wrapping paper was well-filmed for an effect. And disturbing beyond words.

Don\'s walk felt pretty long, as did the climbing of the tree. You could have cut out a couple of minutes of that without losing any meaning of the film.

As my Valentine\'s Day present to you, I\'m going to buy you a shirt to put on for your next one.

Reviewed on February 19th, 2006

That was FUCKING DISGUSTING! I thought there was nothing worse than Yuri spreading his ass on my window, but JESUS CHRIST, I was wrong. You should go KILL YOURSELVES for this, because this movie is a MENACE to the eyes of society.

Heh heh. Just kidding, it was pretty funny. I just found it humorous how people complained about it being disgusting, but watched it all the way through.

Avatarbandit racing
Reviewed on February 19th, 2006

Really felt like I was watching a show, and upon further investigation at the domain of a one Walt Smeggin...I found this feeling to be backed by evidence of a somewhat irregular series. The acting was pretty good, reminded me of Kids in the Hall type stuff. When Don goes to get the Valentine\'s Day gift though, I was a bit bored and my mind began to meander. I really wish the whole thing with the balloon could\'ve had some kind of pay off. The ending seemed a little forced but the acting was good enough to feel somewhat satisfied.

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