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Five Clover Films, "4:00"
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AvatarRiverbend Films
Reviewed on April 7th, 2006

Wow. what was this? Too many chicks! and such bad acting. the music was really good though. but really whats with the lesbians?

Reviewed on April 7th, 2006

DAMN! solid editing for starters. that weird computer hacker lady thing was FREAKY! great job pulling that off. haha...nice action zooms. ( i stole that word from rex) i take it this is another 24 parody, so i cant quite say how well you did with that, since i have never seen the show, but it was a very nice little flick. i could totally see it being a scene from a longer movie. oh yeah, that was ballsy...all the dialogue. swomething i am afraid of, but you went for it and it worked. good job.

Reviewed on April 7th, 2006

Didnt feel like i was watching a filmfights movie ... which is a great thing.aka a movie some kids threw together at home. well done , i liked the lighting although im not the most educated person when it comes to lighting but everything was well lit to my eyes.keep making movies!

Avatarbandit racing
Reviewed on April 9th, 2006

Ok, it\'s obvious you put a good amount of effort into this. The sets look and good and all...along with shots and audio. But this is where things take a little turn. The acting is not good, you need to have your actors understanding who they are a little bit more...and they also need to read some better dialogue. The dialogue was just cheesy and boring. Then there\'s the plot. The plot didn\'t intrigue me at all, it had no real meaning to it and it just bored me. Once again the whole 24 thing was pretty lame. If I wanted to see an episode of 24...well, I\'d rather watch an episode of 24. Here\'s my advice: If you want your movies to go somewhere...don\'t remake some lame tv show.

Reviewed on April 10th, 2006

5 Clover! Always a real treat to see a 5 Clover Flick.

Your Chloe wasn\'t quite as petulant as the real Chloe.

Is this \"Jill Mason\" supposed to be related to George Mason from the first season? If so, I commend your reference to earlier characters!

The 24 music is perfect, obviously.

The \'basement\' set looks EXACTLY like something they\'d have on the show - same with the office setting, etc. Good work finding pitch perfect locations.

Isn\'t the computer character from the cover of some old-school video game?

Acting is a little wooden, but I guess that\'s kind of what happens with just kind of random actors. It\'s not bad, but the delivery is just ... dry ... kind of lifeless.

Nice cliffhanger - just like my boiiiiizz at 24 would do it.

Reviewed on April 10th, 2006

A few points to make.
(1) Just because you jerk off to Vanessa doesn't mean she is a lesbian, ya little twerp. Trust me, neither is Cate nor is Gab. I can promise you that. To add, I can bet they are MUCH easier on the eyes than you are, I would bet they are at least only BARELY less convincing on film, and let us not forget that Film IS a VISUAL MEDIUM. JEEZ!

(sorry about that rant, but I ain't gonna delete it)

(2) Win loose or not, you ALL have to admit Mike's tallent for editing and directing with this one. In a word, outstanding. Being one that NEVER watches TV myself, I don't know and couldn't care a whit less what a "24" is or why I should give a rat's hiney more or less about it. Still, he put together one hell of a 3 minute short based on it.

(3) Yes, some of the acting was about what you would expect form Filmfights... so what? What... you are all academy level actors now? Can I get a pic of you and your Oscar when we all meet at the next awards show? How'z'bout you let me know when your next feature is up, with YOU playing the lead, of course, so I can applaud wildly for YOUR acting, eh?

(4) Win loose or whatever, Mike ... Damn nice job. I would suggest a little more intricate plot development, but that is impossible with only 4 minutes to work with, so disregard the thought. You didn't drag any scenes too long, the use of music was impressive, and your camera-eye was just outstanding. I was luke-warm on it to start with, but WOW! Nice job.

Some of you little stains will dig as deep as you need to to throw poop at someone else's work, won't you. Lesbians? JEEZ I didn't think my oppinion of your juvinility (is that a word?) could get any worse. Most of you are really damn cool, but SOME of you ...

Reviewed on April 10th, 2006

Good use of music to move the story along. I got the feeling that the actors were trying to be characters from \"24\" rather than themselves in the same position. Some of the dialogue could have been cut to draw the suspense out more.

Reviewed on April 11th, 2006

I think I fell asleep during this one. Acting, ehhhh

Reviewed on April 12th, 2006

The first thing that jumps out at me is the great lighting/sound work here. Great stuff. The props and locations rocked, too. I wasn\'t feeling the story with this one -- it was just ok for me. Solid work for you guys this week.

Reviewed on April 14th, 2006

Jeez.. You know you are at the top when everyone is gunning for you. (no one ever went after the cleaning lady's job). Sysie-Intergacatic Spiritual Advisor is in the house. Perhaps you should look at your own feelings here-Is this really a bad entry this juvenile jealousy because Mike is older and more educated and yes---MORE experienced in the art of filmmaking. This was a great film short! Mike captured the scenes expertly! Maybe you guys aren't accustomed to seeing high quality stuff like this on FF. One thing is for sure ---If You entered a film better than Mike he wouldn't tear you down to make himself look better. He would want to better himself by learning more. Instead of the nit picking- come up to Mike's level--contact him and learn how you can inporove your own skills.
to the twerps out there that have to attack the actors in the films. do you always take a stunning photograp[h???
Let me state this Ladies if you were at a party with Nick you would be falling all over yourselves trying to get his attention-he is a HUNK!
The 3 women are very beautiful in real life. They wouldn't give most of you teenage twerps the time of day. Just because you can't have them doesn't make them lesbians. which I assure you they are not.
Please before you attack the actors for anything other than their performance--take a long hard look at you own feelings of inadequacy and jealousy. Plus when you attack someone on the internet you put it out there for thousands to see and it doesn't give the person a rebuttal. attack them directly if you must. That is juvenile and can be very harmful!

Intergallactic Spiritual Advisor

Reviewed on April 14th, 2006

by far the most pretty. and clearly you put alot of time into this. But it just wasn\'t interesting. Probably cuz I have never seen 24. With some better acting and story you guys could KILL!!

Reviewed on April 17th, 2006

OK well holy crap, a lot has been said about our entry this week! Obviously this was a tribute or homage to one of my favorite TV shows, "24".

Special nods to 24 fans: The character "Jill Mason" was named after the CTU boss George Mason from seasons #1 and #2. Lindsay Raines was supposed to be Audrey Raines from seasons #4 and #5. And of course, Chloe is Chloe.

The scenes that we filmed in the conference room (where I work) had some air sound due to a huge computer server swirling away in the back of the room that obviously I could not turn off. Some noise reduction and the music helped in this aspect, but I can still hear some of the air at the beginning.

The character of SHODAN, along with the voice, was from the classic IBM PC game "System Shock". Also cool was the fact that we got to use a fog machine!

I wanted to include the main elements of 24: the dramatic zooms, the music that cues up as something is about to happen, "Jack" going on a mission while being directed by the CTU office, and of course a cliffhanger. Some people have stated that they didn't like the story, but there's only so much you can do within a short timeframe.

Thanks for watching our film! MIKE M.

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