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Kim Jong Lee, "Dale & Steve's most excellent Epic"
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Reviewed on October 9th, 2005

Alasdair, you look like Sully from Godsmack. But you appear to be taller than 2 and a half feet. Overall, it just didn\'t seem very funny. Try deciding on a definitely problem to have in the movie and introduce it at or very near the beginning. Without a solid problem, the story turns out to usually be pretty bland.

Reviewed on October 9th, 2005

I\'m glad I just watched the Rok parody on the forums the other day - otherwise I\'d have no idea what was going on. For lightweight humor, I like how you used this as an intro into an entirely different video. In general, I have trouble forcing myself to watch any lightweight (and many poorly done heavyweight) videos that exceed four or five minutes, and in the case of your video, I didn\'t sit through the whole thing. I don\'t mind watching nonsensical stuff (which is what a lot of this week is), and you guys are fairly comical, but I don\'t understand why videos that make little sense always have to be so long. Why does everyone spend so much time producing a lengthy video when there isn\'t very much content?

AvatarKevin Mosley
Reviewed on October 9th, 2005

The part that had me laughing the most was that Alasdair was always in the shot rocking out for no reason. Stupid, but funny. There is never any high quality, but KJL is always funny to me.

As always, your love Kevin Mosley.

Reviewed on October 9th, 2005

wow waaaay too long. you guys have some funny jokes, you\'re just not very good at filming them, and acting them out. once again its pretty young, immature humor, but it can still be better.

Reviewed on October 9th, 2005

Watching that crazy bastard headbang in the most random of scenes really made the movie. The Beach Boys scene was playing very much playing into the cliche but I like it anyhow. For the most part it was entertaining. 3.5/5

Reviewed on October 9th, 2005

Uhhh, don\'t really know what to say about this. They don\'t actually do anything so that\'s why it got lightweighted. Some good humor in there, just pretty weak.

Reviewed on October 11th, 2005

AWESOME! You guys are amazing! Tottaly blowing us away with this great film. Too bad this was light weighted :( I seriously laughed my ass off when I first saw it. It was truely great. Poor Andrew got pink eye :( Everyone was great in this film and really contributed a lot of great work. It\'s true that a little of someof the stuff could have been cut down, but it\'s still great as it is. EXCELLENT JOB you guys! Seriously
this is my favorite. You got my vote! And a golden star!

AvatarHLR II
Reviewed on October 13th, 2005

I told you this already alasdair - the best 5+ minutes of Kim Jong Lee yet.... you already know all the negatives of this that I have. I love you guys\' sense of humor :) You\'re direction gets better and better.. and 1000x better than your fight against BOAS!

I loved this Invert shoutout too...

Reviewed on October 13th, 2005

Alot of unnecessary scenes. For a wacky movie with alot of nonsense it was pretty funny. I loved seeing the guy headbanging in the background every now and then.

Reviewed on October 14th, 2005

It was a little drawn out. And the whole homosexuality thing was a bit too... weird. Maybe if it looked real, without all of the smiling and what not, it would\'ve been good... haha.. I think it was just too fake. And where\'s the mystery?

Reviewed on October 14th, 2005

A couple of guys jamming out to bad air guitar for minutes at a time does not an interesting filmfight video make.

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