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Pocket Aces Productions, "Disciples of the Gun"
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Reviewed on June 30th, 2006

Problem #1 - TIME LIMITS, DAMN IT!

Lighting is not bad, but a suggestion would be to use blue gells to achieve a dark look instead of not using lights. A photographer taught me to a little trick about enhancing your shadows instead or creating big black spaces. Interesting concept.
Your dialogue seems to rattle on and on a bit. Sure, it\'s funny (slightly... in spots), but you have a time limit to adhere to, here. You would do better to get in and lay down a solid story in as few words as possible and use your camera to say the rest. \"I wish I could walk off camera\"? \"This could be a very big plot device\"? Its\' one thing if you come in near to tiem limit, but that AND more than 4 minutes over time? Sure, it is s little funny the FIRST time, but repeatedly it is just weak and silly.

All-in-all, you have a pretty good production, but really need to think harder about cutting scenes and adhereing to a time limit. This absolutely should have NOT been that long, and you would have done well to stick to a plot and build it stronger in place of lame jokes.

Reviewed on June 30th, 2006

Love the opening music - what movie is that from? Or is it original?

Tommy looks a lot like a dude from Clockwork Orange.

The Don actor\'s grunting is pretty realistic.

Hehe, shooting the tie was a nice little touch. It\'s hard to get those damn things on in the first place.

I\'d like to see some more close ups in the dinner speaking scene, instead of just the same two shots.

Could probably have cut some of that dinner scene, a little redundant at some points.

Chili Jimmy is wassssteeeddd!

How\'d that dude get up on the roof? I assume you just faked that he was up there.

Kind of a spy vs spy thing you\'ve got going on here. I like that you can still hear him telling the chilis in the background while the main character is aiming his gun.

Lead actor is pretty good in this one. Keeps his composure, good work. Kind of Leo DiCaprio-ish.

Self-referencial movie jokes kind of work. Always a fine line to walk when using them though.

That\'s an EPIC looking sky at the end when you drive off. Storms a brewin\'.

Reviewed on July 1st, 2006

Digging the opening theme music and the mumbling Don character. The main opening scene feels a little long because there\'s only two camera angles going on through most of the scene, try to spice things up a little bit. Also you \"crossed the line\" where you set up your second camera angle. Check out:

You guys got some good jokes going on, but it\'s all just a little too dragged out. Try to stay within the time restrictions for the filmfight, Justin puts them there for a reason. If there had been more competition you might have gotten lightweighted for going over.

Anyway you guys stayed most on theme for this week\'s entry, so you get my vote. Good job and keep on filmfighting!!

Reviewed on July 10th, 2006

The mood lighting is nice, but needs alittle more, the Don was to dark. The set was great. \"The Don says don\'t touch him\" NICE. Again it was too dark when the main guy was hanging off the roof about to drop the rock. What would have made the scene lite perfect is a reflector. Just cover a big flat piece of cardboard with tin foil and use it to bounce some of that bright sun light on faces and stuff. This also could have been used in the trunk scene.The part with the gun through the paper was awesome, and shot threw the paper was PERFECT, when the girl gets \"iced\".....great. The gun in the bun...sweet. \"Baby Buns Baboli!!!\" HAHAHHAHAHA
This was funny and timing and pacing was good. A few technical improvements would make it better, but the story was great. Best so far.

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