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EMUEFA, "30 Second Guarantee"
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AvatarJR Films
Reviewed on September 19th, 2017

The first shot with the double doors was a cool way to start and it was effective at establishing the fast pace right away. All of the shots made sense and felt right. Obviously the elevator button pressing really enhanced the urgency.

It was a very funny touch would you plowed down the guy in crutches. But, it could have been better in my opinion if we could hear more the of the impact. It would have been more consistent too since we heard the elevator button being pressed like crazy.

Maybe for the impact also include the sound of the guy hitting the ground just to show how ruthless this bagel delivery needs to be. Still, it was funny.

Now, starting from second 18 and on. I liked the music throughout, but i'm not sure if it would have been better if you had the big escalation finish right when he barged into the room and lunged forward to drop the bag on the table. Especially if you added the sound of the door slamming open to continue the urgency up until the final second. That would probably have been more dramatic and the music would end there because he's no longer in a rush. Then the delivery guy would walk out exhausted and breathing hard to send the text and the guy inside would take the bagel out of the bag.

The possible issue with my idea is that maybe the last few seconds after the bagel is delivered might not transition to an ending as well as your current ending does. The final two second of music when the guy is eating the bagel really closes the shot well.

In my idea it might be funnier when he's giving the delivery, but then the importance might be gone during the text and bagel reveal. Maybe not though. Either way though my idea was just an option and I really liked your idea.

Great job! Well done.

Reviewed on September 20th, 2017

Great review!

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