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Avatar Bonerpop
"Cartoon Eyes" by David Seger - Reviewed on November 22nd, 2009

Really, really funny. Time limit was short, and I like that. Character's voice was great. Opening music was a little loud compared to voice. Had to turn speakers down. White balance seemed a little off in a couple shots. Especially in the store. Blue suit and dark nature comedy of this film reminded me of punch drunk love for some reason. Really loved the idea for this one. My pick for the week.

Avatar Bonerpop
"Money Can't Buy?" by Sometimes Funny - Reviewed on November 22nd, 2009

Super duper good camera quality. Ewe. The guy that said "faith" had creepy teeth! I liked the little kid the best. Good Paris Hilton answer, but...I am pretty sure she did buy happiness. Well, I don't have much to say about this one. I really liked it. Seemed way too short, though. Music could have been quieter, cause it was a little distracting. This was my 2nd favorite one. The picture quality looked so professional. I wish it was about twice as long.

Avatar Bonerpop
"Time" by EnvelopeGenerator - Reviewed on November 22nd, 2009

Cool screen shot! British people! White balance is a little off. Speaking of time, you could have sped this part up quite a bit. Feeling long. Good acting, for sure. Dialogue part at laptop needs more shot variety. OK, they are finally getting on with things. Ha. Whose this creepy dude with the ax? Dialogue is really good, and well delivered, but you needed to cut more of it out. Half way through the movie and not much is accomplished, so far. Yucky fade. More "yellowish" white balance inside. Kinda lost at why the screwdriver/time machine made the radio come on. Perhaps a sound effect or something would have been more appropriate. Ha. Only went back in time a few minutes. Pretty good, but way too long. You could have accomplished this idea in half the time, easy.

Avatar Bonerpop
"Everything?" by EmmerekEntertainment - Reviewed on November 22nd, 2009

OH, man. WHITE BALANCE. Everything is orange. Good acting for kids. Bet you hate hearing that shit, huh? Weird choice of music here. Ha. I like the idea about buying a some chick off the internet. Been funnier if it was from some Russian mail order bride website, or something. Eh...the world peace part is getting boring. I wish you would have taken it more into the direction of the whore. Some of these shots have some loud background noise. I think it is your computer on the other side of the bed. Be careful of that. Ha. End is really good when he is kicking the money. You guys really need to light these shots and set your white balance. Just grab a lamp or shop light out of another room. The end was good, but I wish you would have skipped the whole World Peace part and jumped right to the Megan Fox. It was overall too long. Good acting, though, and fairly enjoyable.

Avatar Bonerpop
"Ideas" by NDI Studios - Reviewed on November 23rd, 2009

Jesus, it there a waterfall in that room? What's that loud background noise. and then it silences too abruptly when the music starts. Hold that a mattress on your wall? Haha. That's weird, But I know it doesn't have anything to do with the movie, I know. OK, I got distracted and had to go back. Wait, when you are on the couch, some papers fly across the room from the other side. Ghosts or the cameraman? Weird jump cut at the desk. Good idea, but it's taking us to long to get there. Nice speaking voice and delivery! That phone thing needed to be grungier or somethign to sound like a voice coming over the phone. Ha. Nice shitty "on hold" music. Sounds like the background music for some safety training video or something. That's what that was, right? OK, good light and white balance, good acting, good idea. Even at only 2 1/2 min, I think you could have sped it up. Better sound editing would have helped, as well. From a technical aspect, the best LW. Tighten that shit up and you will have a HW video with your next submission, I bet.

Avatar Bonerpop
"Good Ideas" by Pirate Hooker Status - Reviewed on November 23rd, 2009

Titles too long. What is going on, here? You camera framed too high. Too much space above your actors head. Yeah, so. Don't know what to say about this. I could see this idea being a little better if you took some of the filler out. As is, wasn't that fun to watch. I am sorry. At least you tried SOMETHING, though, right?

Avatar Bonerpop
"That Feeling You Get" by VIPERFANG - Reviewed on November 23rd, 2009

WTF? Justin? Haha. I really shouldn't be laughing so hard at this. So I take it you just threw somethign in there that was a parody of some of the shitty LW entries there has been in the past. Good idea. Actually the funniest LW entry, for sure. If I was voting, I would have still given my vote to someone who tried harder, but this is a good example. If your idea is short, make your movie short. you don't have to use the whole time limit. Bravo

Avatar Justin
Replied on November 23rd, 2009

Hahaha ... WAIT ... don't drag me into this! Mike and I had nothing to do with these crazy people's entry.

Avatar Bonerpop
"Computers" by Glossy Finish Pictures - Reviewed on November 23rd, 2009

Good acting, for starters. Decent stuff in the car, technically. Might have used a white board to reflect some more light up on your faces. Outside is a little blown out (overexposed). Need better audio editing. Ha. BJs. Very funny. The "return" part was really good. Aside from the sound editing being sloppy, this was really good. Could have been a tad shorter, though. Nice work using the Best Buy employee at the end. I take it back, this would be my LW vote for the week...if we still had that. Good job.

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