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"Brain Melt" by -Xzkape Productions - Reviewed on September 1st, 2010

This was so gory and so awesome at the same time. I loved the VO. Just like in old grindhouse movies. Idea was really good. It had a great grindhouse feeling and I loved this. Good acting and great blood effects. 9/10

Avatar movieguy
"Flaming Vengeance" by Warrior Pictures - Reviewed on September 1st, 2010

First homosexual violent superhero! Great idea. Good music and great shooting. A gas mask man with a katana? I had a same idea in my movie. (O.O) Nice car you have too. I think it maybe needed some more dynamic shots but that's what I'm thinking. 8/10

Avatar movieguy
"Last Enrollment" by MudCat Productions - Reviewed on September 1st, 2010

I think it was good. I didn't think this was a grindhouse movie. Maybe a 2010 version of some B-movie. Good shooting. Music was good (even you used copyright music). Ending zombie face was so COOL.

I didn't like this so much beacause I thinked I was watching something between "Cloverfield" and some zombie movie. It was avrage but something missed here. 6/10

Avatar movieguy
"House oh Death" by SilverStar Productions - Reviewed on September 1st, 2010

Pretty good.
Good background music! I thinked the first scene was good. Camping scene was not very needful. They could just walk by the house and they would act like "Oh hey, lets go to that creepy looking house!".

Shooting in a day a horror movie looses some athmosphere. You could just edited to night. And no scratches or anything? And yet so cool titles and blood coming to screen? Acting was good but I think some of the boys could be more dramatic. And also I think this movie needed some blood (althrought you had a blood on the screen.) Use ketchup or red juice or anything that looks bloody.

I'll give it 7/10.

Avatar movieguy
"Infidel" by Geeks Ahoy! - Reviewed on September 1st, 2010

Wow. This was like some 80's music video. Video was pretty low quality but whatever.

Great blood and I loved the chainsaw :D. I was confused by the old guy with cowboy suit, but hey, this is a grindhouse movie! I didn't enjoy the music much. Scream at the start was scary.
It was enjoyable and cool grindhouse stylish. 8/10

Avatar movieguy
"I'll Try Anything Once" by Jofftown productions - Reviewed on September 1st, 2010

Very WIERD. Good gory. Where they satanic or what? You should use a darker palse to make it more scarier. Also it needed "grindhouse effects". It could made it more grindhouse stylish. Not much to say but it wa realy wierd.

Avatar movieguy
"THE DEAL" by DTVPRESENTS - Reviewed on September 1st, 2010

This is very good grindhouse looking movie. Talking popcorn? LOL :D.

It looked that you shooted this by alone. You could have used a tripod or something but not holding and acting as a same time. I think it could had some explosions and stuff. Good editing thought. Overall 7/10

Avatar movieguy
"Little Men " by CorporalFear - Reviewed on September 1st, 2010

Good idea I think. It would propably need some VO thought. Great zombie make-up! Blood,chainsaw and zombies. That's what I like :). I hated AC/DC music on this. Cool titles and effects too. Maybe it need some more explanation too.
Overall rating 8/10

Avatar movieguy
"Frogs" by RTKIII Productions - Reviewed on September 1st, 2010

Great grindhouse effects! Music was realy good and I laughet the guy on the radio for his great southern accent. WATCH OUT FOR FROGS!! Nice idea I think and good special fx. I laught at the big frog in the end.
I'll give 9/10. Best MW of my opinion.

Avatar movieguy
"Out-Law" by filmyguy fun group - Reviewed on September 1st, 2010

Two words: Ho-ly Shit. This is the most awesome lego animation/grindhouse movie ever! Great angles and very well animated. How long did making this went?

I didn't like the VO. It could be beter if you edited the sound. This reminds me a lot of "Machete" trailer (you've seen it too right?)
I'll give this movie 10/10 (even if VO sucked).

Avatar Stuart.C
Replied on September 1st, 2010

Great idea but I don't think it really fits in this fight. some great stop motion work and the bit where the guy gets run over is hilarious, Once again though I didn't like the voice over.

Avatar filmyguy
Replied on September 1st, 2010

Wow! I got into the heavyweights!! I am very great full! :D
I'd like to point out that the production of this (filming, editing) I did all in two days (coming up with the idea actually took a lot longer), because I literally found out about this fight a few days ago and that's all the time I had. And yes, this is heavily inspired by "Machete"! Being slightly believable in the beginning and then right at the end throwing all the laws of physics out the window. I'm extremely glad you liked my trailer, because it was very hard for me to sit down for that long those two days. I know with VO was kind of cheesy, I didn't have someone like Don LaFontaine's voice with me at the moment so I had to go with what I had (my voice :P, I didn't like the idea either). Anyway, I'm going to go exercise now. :)

Avatar movieguy
"Out-Law" by filmyguy fun group - Reviewed on September 15th, 2010

Gz for winning! :D

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