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Avatar Justin
"Venture Bro. Documentary" by Vintage Ruins Productions - Reviewed on March 7th, 2012

Sadly I haven't seen the Venture Brothers before, but I hear it's popular and good.

On the technical side, the audio could have been a bit better - I see a boom mic that should have been closer during the filming of the intro -- better to go up and under than to go over the top when you're shooting an interview style closeup like this. Point it right at the mouf!

Really more like a teaser than an actual short. Thanks for the submission! Looking forward to the full thing, will you be posting it on the FF forums?

Avatar VintageRuins
Replied on March 8th, 2012

Thanks. We're hoping to get more shot for this idea, but only filmed this the Sunday before submissions were due (that upcoming Monday haha) so yeah all of it was very rushed. But I agree with the audio, and it's definitely bumped up getting a wireless lav kit on the wishlist now.

Avatar Justin
"Bucky O'Hare: The Movie" by Tomikazee Productions - Reviewed on March 7th, 2012

I haven't seen Bucky O'Hare ... so excuse my ignorace of the source material.

LOVE the voice over, all the audio is terrific. The opening shot is perfectttt -- gotta start with a beautiful shot, and you did! Music is great as well. The extra bit of fog is the scene with the flashlight is great.

Whoa, that's a CRAZY bunny costume!! How did that happen ??

Beautiful, awesome, this is great guys. GREAT!

Avatar GhastlyMrC
Replied on March 8th, 2012

Yeah it seems to be a tad obscure now, but damn I loved it as a kid.

Thanks, it's the first time I've used the compression audio filter in FCP and I managed to get a really nice audio mix out of it.

Ha, the opening shot is definitely one of my favourites in it. In fact, it's an homage to 'Cocoon'...I know, I'm a total geek!

Yeah, the fog with the torch turned out really nicely. Definitely the look I was going for.

The bunny costume took about two weeks to piece together, from various sources all over the internet. I made the armour based off the BFX build that Zack did.

Thanks for the review Justin. Glad you liked it.

Avatar Justin
"Those Meddling Kids" by The Uncle Stone Project. - Reviewed on March 7th, 2012

Music is cool. I like how this is a mashup with the Seven movie. This could have used a voice over though, to make it more intense and to help fill in a little more story. "Trailer" does not = "intro" - a trailer should tell the audience much more than just a bunch of names - adding in a VO that's like "All the character you know and love, face a new enemy, in a new world ..." etc, would make this really a story.

Also, if it's supposed to be a live action remake, why are they the cartoon versions he's cutting out? They should be like the real-life versions.

Good Shaggy impression :)

Avatar Justin
"Dragon's Lair: The Movie" by Showbuki - Reviewed on March 7th, 2012

Ah, Dragon's Lair! Nice. Haven't thought about that in quite a while. What a great costume! Love the clean and silly look of the special effects, fits in with the Dragon's Lair thing perfectly.

It's a very fitting rename, since Dragon's Lair was all Bakshi, traced animation style, which already looked pretty smooth and realistic. Top-notch use of costumes and green screen is done very cleanly and effectively. I'd love to see how closely these scenes were re-created from the original video game. What software were you using for the FX? Looks like a little motion and a little afx.

AWESOME first submission, great to have you on the site!!!

Avatar varnado
Replied on March 7th, 2012

thanks a lot for the review. I think this site is awesome. Reminds me of the same spirit Channel 101 had / has.

Only five or six shots were almost exact replicas of the original. The rest were done just to get the "feel".

FX wise it was all motion because I only had like 2 days to get through it. Normally I would use after effects for most everything especially green screen (there were a few errors) but if you need to put something out fast, there is nothing better or quicker than apple motion. I had the most fun animating the flying sword...

Thanks a lot! Glad to be here!

Don Bluth is the animator of the original by the by...


Avatar Justin
Replied on March 7th, 2012

Haha -- oh yeah, Don Bluth! My animation street cred it shot! Haha :D

Avatar Justin
"Powerpuff Teens" by Centerville MacLab - Reviewed on March 7th, 2012

Voice over is SUPER loud! Gotta be careful with your audio levels. There are a lot of really quick cuts here that are unnatural. You want your audio to flow naturally from one scene to the other.

Haha, the shots with the girl tied up are pretty funny, I like the groan.

Obviously you took on something that has a lot of FX in it -- or could have a lot of FX. If you would have gone with a show that could be more easily translated into live action would have been better for you.

The acting here could have been improved, a lot of your actors are smiling and laughing during shots when they should be serious. I know it's fun to make movies, but pretending it's real sells the action much better!!!

Thanks for submitting! Hopefully this review helps a bit!!

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