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"Dale & Steve: The Milk Mystery" by Cake Bake - Reviewed on October 13th, 2005

Jake - I loved this!!! I really liked the Phil Spector cartoons you did all summer (wish there could've been more).

My favorite quotes "At the risk of sounding like a detective" and the super saver's speel. You have a quirky sense of humor, and it's great. I am glad you guys are still making stuff even though you are somewhat separated. Keep it coming.
My vote for sure.

Avatar HLR II
"Dale and Steve" by Ninja! Films - Reviewed on October 13th, 2005

Liked it - and actually followed the rules - but no match to Kim Jong Lee's entry this week :/ I hope Ninja Films does another Full Length feature along the lines of The Time Walker, again....

Avatar HLR II
"Dale & Steve's most excellent Epic" by Kim Jong Lee - Reviewed on October 13th, 2005

I told you this already alasdair - the best 5+ minutes of Kim Jong Lee yet.... you already know all the negatives of this that I have. I love you guys' sense of humor :) You're direction gets better and better.. and 1000x better than your fight against BOAS!

I loved this Invert shoutout too...

Avatar HLR II
""Dale and Steve Find The Source"" by Off-Red Eye Productions - Reviewed on October 13th, 2005

You're audio needs ALOT of help and it is painfully obvious.. you're direction isn't the greatest either alot of confusing transitionz..GREAT music use and an original idea... i didn't get some of you're humor either but hey as long a you make yourself laugh right?? work on the shaky camera and not smirking the whole time....

Big improvement from your last stuff!!! and i like the new intro.

Avatar HLR II
"Dale & Steve" by Brazen Films - Reviewed on October 13th, 2005

wow. Fuck. wow. why is someone from the wall street journal selling cable?? great music. i liked this alot. good job. YES - 2 different on-rye-related groups - maybe three for the next fight!?!?


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