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Avatar Justin
"Dale & Steve: Alone" by The Ruse - Reviewed on May 15th, 2006

I like this little kid - I think you've used him in other stuff as well. I liked having my little bro in movies too.

The close up fisheye / wide angle shots are always interesting. That's how I like to shoot as well. The music seems a little confusing / over the top in the middle section. Just like noise.

You could probably cut out a lot of this 'aloneness' - the audience gets the point after a while.

That frog's a bad influence!

I think the Frog's lines seem a little too ... quiet ... not crazy enough ... like when you said them you were somewhere where you couldn't really talk and be loud - it has a 'constrained' feel to it.

Oh goodness, I see the camera man's shadow on the door!

Rating: 6/10

Avatar Justin
"They Found Me Dead Promo 1" by Cemint Productions - Reviewed on May 15th, 2006

I liked this short. More good animation from you guys. Great movement on the mouth as well. I think you just added in the intro in order to make it fit in with the fight - even if that wasn't the case .... that's my hunch.

It needs some better music in the background ... or music at all ... wait, I hear something, it's just very quiet. Doesn't really fit an infomercial.

I'd like to see more cutting back and forth - more examples of the product and an attempt to keep it moving along faster.

Rating: 6/10

Avatar Justin
"They Found Me Dead" by HIMLER Films - Reviewed on May 15th, 2006

It's Himler time!

Okay so you've got a 4 minute time limit - long intro sequences ... probably not the best idea. Did you even try to cut this monster down to the correct time? Slopping editing will kill any piece, especially if you're already well over limit. Keep cutting until there's nothing left to cut!

I'm very confused as to what's actually going on - bad and sloppy cut and zoom from the fisherman to the sniper. There's no dialogue or anything at all to explain why this stuff is happening at the start.

Someone mentioned costumes in another review, I agree that if you're an assasin or something, at least try to look the part.

Careful with your audio levels - make sure every line is easy to hear, and not quiet and muffled. Tell you actors to project their voices more.

I like the music in the middle part.

Yeah, still nothing makes any frickin' sense. Did you actually write out a plot for this or just have a couple random scenes you wanted to shoot? The announcer should have been in the movie from the start, not smack dab in the middle. That's just weird. Very oddly paced. Too much walking around this house .... yawnnnn. God this could have been cut down so much! Himler, whatchoo thinkin!??!

I like the interior of this building, definately a cool location, just wish it had a story to go along with it.

Did we even learn who the fuck "Stevenson" is? This is just plain weird.

Your titles on the bottom look terrible. Just terrible. Font is too small, too thin, it's easy to make decent looking titles with just the right fonts.

Nice darth vader mask ... the colors in that room look ince on camera. Too bad the mask makes no fucking sense at all. I mean for real, if you're going to make a movie that's not funny at all, but uses these weird costumes, what are you even thinking? A funny slapstick type movie with these masks, great, fine, but this isn't funny at all.

Okay yeah --- so ... take some of that advice ... make something good. What a weird random thing you made.

Avatar Justin
"They Found Me Dead" by Five Clover Films - Reviewed on May 15th, 2006

Yeah, so the whole "Momento" controversy.

I thought, at least from the start, that the gun shot at the start was just eerily similiar to the old winning CPP movie that's in the hall of fame.

That girl's accent isn't believable ... I'd rather just she spoke normally than randomlly having this accent. She seems very much like a theatre actress ... she's done a lot of plays and stuff, right? Her acting is perfect for that type of venue.

The guy playing Leonard isn't too bad, I like the voice overs, at least the delivery of them.

But doing Momento again ... ehhh ... I can tell you took a lot of time making it, which is good, but it's just nothing interesting.

Rating: 6.5/10

Avatar Justin
"They Found Me Dead" by NNC Productions - Reviewed on May 15th, 2006

I recall an earlier review that said you guys had the best plot of any of the films this week, and I have to whole heartedly agree. I love the concept of someone's ego reaching a critical mass and killing everything. I loved a lot about this movie, but you're lacking exactly what Himler has in abundance - equipment! Mix Himler's 'look' in with this film and you'd have a real winner.

With the split screens, I'd suggest a more steady shot - with a tripod.

The acting isn't bad, I dig the graphic of the ego spreading out. A great touch!

Not sure why there's the shot when he says "you have one hour" and then fading to black - makes me think he knocked the people out and they ... went unconcious? See, if you've got VO, you've got to have it from the start and throgh the end - another thing you did right and Him'z did wrong.

Damn that camera noise!

Yeah, I dig it, actually I would have rather put this in HW in hindsight.

Rating: 7.5/10

Avatar Justin
"Karma" by CPP - Reviewed on May 15th, 2006

You just love those shots of the city skyline, don't you! I think you're addicted.

Beautiful camera work, I like the blues and the tone of the video. As was said earlier, the phone dialogue is terrible ... doesn't make any sense. This dude needs some caller ID. I think the calls just go on for too long - too many of them. The concept itself isn't a bad one, just a little drawn out and uninteresting. The actor could have done a lot better job.

I wish you had some kind of light you could have shown on the girl for the muzzle flash as the camera is panning away, instead of faking it.

Rating: 5/10

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