Trick or Death / Halloween
Completed November 2nd, 2004
This week is basically a scary movie, taking place on Halloween. What sort of horrible powers or terrifying situations will your characters run into?!

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Description: "From all of us at On Rye Ltd. (Jake, Max, Sarah, and Steve) thanks for voting for our Halloween movie. Special thanks goes to Boris, our expert computer hacker, who rigged the voting for us. Thanks Boris. Boris is very smart. He promised us 200 votes though, so we might fire him. Ya hear that Boris? Of course you don't, you're deaf."

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Video "The Halloween Movie"

by on rye ltd.

Genre: Halloween

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The Halloween Movie

by on rye ltd.

From all of us at On Rye Ltd. (Jake, Max, Sarah, and Steve) thanks for voting for our Halloween m...

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