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Fight #305 | Love Stinks February 6th, 2017
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Being in love is the best feeling in the world. Falling out of love is the worst. Showcase the heartbreak in a special way. Is it a hilarious battle of exes or a sad ending to a long relationship?


Also entered: Chula, CSHM Film Club, FMHS Media, FMHS Media, FMHS Media, hhs a/v, Nick Lunatic, PlotMakers, Randall Beven and Ethan, Rockfish films

Fight #304 | Snowball Video Haiku January 23rd, 2017
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Create a video haiku about a snowball. Don't have a snowball? Get creative! A video haiku is a 3 shot film. 1st shot is 5 sec, next is 7 sec, last 5 sec. Examples: http://bit.ly/s34Fmc


Also entered: 6th Grade Filmmaker's, Career Ender Films, CSHM Film Club, Dystopian Dynasty, Godzilla, Independent, Nacreous Films, Neapolitan Films, PerdidosInTempo, PlotMakers, Poorly Animated Cartoon Violence, Testing 1, Tropic Wonder, Waving Cat Cinema, Yamnyk films

Fight #303 | Nobody Move! January 9th, 2017
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The first line of your film is 'Nobody move!'. After which, no one moves for the rest of your short. Is it a bank robbery and everyone is frozen in terror? or something else? You decide!


Also entered: AV1, AV1, AV1, AV1, AV1, Bull Moose Party, CSHM Film Club, FerFilms, HTHMA, NWI Productions, Prescott high school, Rockfish films, scrogginites, TriRiot

Last Fight's Winner
Video "Til Death"

by Noreaster Films

Genre: Any

Noreaster Films21
hhs a/v2

Til Death

by Noreaster Films

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

6 reviews
21 votes

Smack Talk!

"Pretty cool guys! There were some good films this time, super excited we won! thanks to everyone who helped on this project and can't wait to enter another. Been watching Justin and Erik for a long time and to have my first film win film fights is awesome!"

Avatar huntingslife
Next Months' Fight
Due March 6
00:17 max

Gas Station Haiku

Genre: Video Haiku

Rules: Make a haiku that takes place at a gas station! A video haiku is a 3 shot film. 1st shot is 5 sec, next is 7 sec, last 5 sec. Examples: http://bit.ly/s34Fmc

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