Newscast / Comedy
Completed June 15th, 2007
Everyone has their own anchorman fantasies, and developing filmmakers are no different. Show us a 3 minute 30 second newscast on any subject proving you have what it takes to get the ratings (and the votes).

"Defiantly more of an effort, here. This audio is very low. I'm glad you called it Kumm. The weather dudes green screen has a shadow, but it still looks pretty decent. You play a good news guy. HAHA. is that chick from Canada. Loving the dirty jokes. The audio on the phone call was not very phone call-ish. Very fun..." read more

Avatar Jeremy
Peoria, IL

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Description: "Our first submission since Christmas!"

Submitted: May 18th, 2007

Hall of Fame Winner
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by Beach Bum Pictures

Genre: Comedy

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by Beach Bum Pictures

Our first submission since Christmas!

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31 votes

Smack Talk!


Next Months' Fight
Due December 24
00:17 max

The Grinch

Genre: Holiday

Rules: Use the title to inspire you, but make it as different as possible. Create a holiday film centered around a Grinch.

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