Blood Freak / Horror
Completed September 29th, 2007
A freak is out for blood! You fill in the detail. Make it gross, scary, bloody.

"Ok, this seems a bit pretenious. But so far it's not bad. The acting kinda sucks, but good cinematography. I want to learn how to do that effect, the "TV" effect. Acting is still mediocre. F-bombs for the sake of f-bombs. Profanity is a crutch for the inarticulate. The cinematography still isn't bad, ..." read more

Avatar galvestonbeachbum
Galveston, TX
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Description: "Note: Best watched with a nice pair of headphones or external speakers. laptop speakers won't do it justice. submitted this at 11:30 my time on friday, hope it's soon enough. almost forgot to add on the filmfights intro, so it needed a quick re-render and all that last minute cold sweat stuff. 3rd submission. and of course, in O:KD tradition: No shirt. enjoy."

Submitted: September 14th, 2007

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Video "Fur Trader"

by Operation: KillDie Productions

Genre: Horror

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Fur Trader

by Operation: KillDie Productions

Note: Best watched with a nice pair of headphones or external speakers. laptop speakers won't d...

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"incredible. so many votes, not so many friends, which hopefully means a lot of you came on here as a stranger to me and voted because you actually felt it to be the best, and i thank you. i'm glad you enjoyed! we had a lot of fun and this was one hell of a good fight! we came through a lot of fight delays, last minute editing, a pretentious review about being a bit pretentious, and wallyville's meglopopularity to reach this point. which makes this victory ever so sweet! thanks again!"

Avatar Steve Pappin
Fairfield, IA
Next Months' Fight
Due August 23
02:00 max

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