No Destination / Adventure
Completed August 2nd, 2009
Your lead character or characters go out on some kind of road trip, and adventures ensue! Go enjoy the weather! Be sure to title your film "No Destination" and stick to a under 5 minute time limit. For bonus points, use the line "He's getting away!"

"Well that would have to be the most drug induced smack talk I've ever seen. I like how you didn't address that you broke the rules and uploaded an entry six months old. " read replies

Avatar Bryan Fox
Las Vegas
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Description: "Road trip that begins with one word..."

Submitted: July 2nd, 2009

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by Hippojuicefilm

Genre: Adventure

Procoverage Studio215
Willamette Filmmakes Society106


by Hippojuicefilm

Road trip that begins with one word...

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Smack Talk!

"When we first came to this country of filmfights, we where promised it was the land of opportunity. We were promised we could put food on all of our families, but how can we celebrate this victory when poor people like Bryan Fox have no food on his family. The Fox family are good people and they deserve food on them. You know what, if I could share this victory with one person and one person only, that person would be Lou Diamond Phillips. This one was too close for comfort so I'd appreciate it if everyone else would stop cheating. When my little daughter looks at this site and asks me "Daddy, how did Bryan Fox get so many votes?" I don't want to have to hit her again. I want to keep the illusion that there are honest and hard working people who don't clear there cookies to vote numerous times. I had no idea this was possible until it was brought to my attention by Mr. Bryan Fox. I asked him how he knew of such things and he proceeded to do cocaine in front of me. Its not his fault he has a problem and maybe if everyone acknowledged that instead of pretending its only a phase, he might still be with us today. This win is in memory of the soldiers filmfights has taken from us, particularly Lou Diamond Phillips. Its just like you said Lou, the wings never grow back.

Avatar hippojuicefilm
Fort Lauderdale, FL
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