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Completed June 14th, 2010
We challenged our Film Fighters to recreate a famous video game or board game, but bring the characters / scenarios to life in new ways! (idea by Spencer Strauss)

"I loved it. I love the way the pigeons fly away as you run down the steps. That sold it for me! haha great job!" read replies

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Seneca, SC
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Description: "Getting from one road to another in Monopoly is fun, but if you're in the ACTUAL city? Even better!"

Submitted: May 29th, 2010

Hall of Fame Winner
Video "MONOPOLY The Movie"

by Volatile Productions

Genre: Gaming

Volatile Productions171
Rough Cut Boston66
Jericho Films63
Dark White films32
RmJJ Productions21


by Volatile Productions

Getting from one road to another in Monopoly is fun, but if you're in the ACTUAL city? Even better!

22 reviews
171 votes

Smack Talk!

"WOW! What can we say guys? We had a BLAST making this! Seriously it was the funnest shoot we've EVER had so we're soo glad you guys liked it so much! It's been a long(ish) road for us getting to this first win. We're honoured to have won by a gap like this, it’s very special for us. 105 votes! SMACK! (sorry that was mean wasn’t it) We're all here because we realise filmmaking is the COOLEST thing you can do! Thanks to EVERYONE who submitted to this fight making it a really great one. We also gotta say again how grateful we are for being part of ffTV, we're super happy about it. For all of you people who havn't had the chance to shine yet, keep trying and your time will come. We love filmmaking so everyone keep submitting to Filmfights, it’s all of you lot who get involved who make us love this site so much and make winning special!! So thanks for getting involved and voting. Peace out, much love, crumpets rule. See ya!"

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