As Time Flutters By / Soap Opera
Completed January 31st, 2006
Soap operas! They're just so awful and cheesy how can you not love them? Create your own soap opera full of romance, betrayal, and maybe a couple untimely deaths. Alternative option: Film a movie about anything, it just must be done in a Soap Opera style.

"A good entry from FAST, I liked how you divided up the stores into the three separate segments, felt very soap-opera like. I think I liked the "alien baby" set the best, especially with the setting and the sounds in the background, it felt like a real invasion. Are you using any particular kind of filter on ..." read more

Avatar AKLPhilo
Detroit, MI
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Description: "This is our rendition of a sopa opera. Over dramatic characters. Complex and confusing plots. A lot of nothing happens. The whole thing is completely rediculous...and hopefully hysterical. ENJOY!!!"

Submitted: January 19th, 2006

Hall of Fame Winner
Video "As Time Flutters By"

by F.A.S.T.films

Genre: Soap Opera

Revolution Films76
Five Clover Films72
The Ruse70
Dont Ask34

As Time Flutters By

by F.A.S.T.films

This is our rendition of a sopa opera. Over dramatic characters. Complex and confusing plots. A l...

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Smack Talk!

"Our first Film Fights win. Competition was tough on this one. I think it came down to us capturing the feel of a ridiculous soap opera. Again, very fun to shoot. Thanx to Stephanie and Anthony for lending us a hand on this one. "

Avatar Jeremy
Peoria, IL
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Due May 28
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Internal Dialogue

Genre: Any

Rules: Create a short in which we can hear your main character's thoughts throughout. How does your character react to people as opposed to what they are thinking?

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