The Nightmare / Horror,Thriller
Completed February 12th, 2006
. This movie must be based on an actual nightmare that you've had at some point. Not like "Character wakes up and OMG it was all a dream!" but an actual re-enactment of a terrifying dream.

"I'll be honest. As soon as I saw the countdown I was scared. But when you guys opened with the shot of the corn swaying in the wind, you instantly redeemed yourself. Your location kicked ass. I think the beginning could be trimmed down a lot, but our crew was guilty of the same crime this week. This entry defi..." read more

Avatar DeanAnthony
Las Vegas
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Description: "Synopsis: Lost in a cornfield, chased by its guardian."

Submitted: January 26th, 2006

Hall of Fame Winner
Video "The Lost"

by midget pickle

Genre: Horror,Thriller

midget pickle95
Five Clover Films89
The Ruse73
White Smoke Films71
Invert Films55
Cake Bake39

The Lost

by midget pickle

Synopsis: Lost in a cornfield, chased by its guardian.

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95 votes

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