American High / 70s Nostalgia
Completed September 2nd, 2006
Dazed and Confused style 70s teen flick. Full of all kinds of leisure suits, bell bottoms, and whats a 70's movie without some of that WACKY TOBACCY! Time Limit: 4 minutes

"This camera-work looks great. Good colors. I'm glad you dubbed these voices over, it's a great style choice. What kind of camera did you shoot this on? Haha, that lockers set is great! (Oh I see, it's green screen!) Appropriate looking clothes and stuff. Pretty wicked. Jeremy looks funny with all that hair. ..." read more

Avatar Justin
Los Angeles, CA
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Description: "American High is a fun little flick set in the late 70's about a "boy", Martin trying to be cool by smoking marijuana. Martin find out that, while casual use can be fun, habitual use will lead to some serious consequences. "

Submitted: August 16th, 2006

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Video "American High"

by F.A.S.T.films

Genre: 70s Nostalgia

HIMLER Films32

American High

by F.A.S.T.films

American High is a fun little flick set in the late 70's about a "boy", Martin trying to be co...

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Smack Talk!

"This was a super fun movie to shoot. First time working with the talented Adam Stevens. Shot mostly in front of a greenscreen. I still have and wear that Beatles shit that was made specifically for this movie. "

Avatar Jeremy
Peoria, IL
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