March Madness / Any
Completed March 24th, 2015
One of your characters loses their mind and goes mad. Extra points if a basketball is involved!

"This was a nicely shot film, I liked the use of black and white for the flashback and the shot of the car hitting the girl was very effective. Good choice of music added to what I thought was a pretty creepy short. I had a little trouble following the story at first but from the title 'Bounce Back' I'm guessing th..." read more

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Description: "Director: Mario Gonzalez Assistant director: Daniel Ramirez Actors: Ann Jacobo & Jose Luis Lopez Sound: Daniel Ramirez Camer"

Submitted: February 24th, 2015

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Video "BasketBall Jones"

by WetPaint

Genre: Any

goobinator01's Group7

BasketBall Jones

by WetPaint

Sometimes your job will make you crazy.

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What About Bob?

Genre: Any

Rules: Use the title to inspire you, but make it as different as possible. Is Bob a friend getting left behind, or a pet that you can't keep. This is your What About Bob film, you decide who Bob is!

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