Jaws / Any
Completed September 19th, 2018
Use the title to inspire you, but make it as different as possible. Is someone being rescued with the jaws of life, or is Jaws a nickname for the chatty friend. Itís your Jaws film, make it your way!

"COOL! Love the effect shot!! Would love to see the BTS where you painted your face green or whatever, haha. This was really well done! Had the right vibe and love the black and white. Would have been cool to add some more old film effects on there, but enjoy seeing it like this too. " read replies

Avatar Justin
Los Angeles, CA
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Description: "Cinema's most terrifying creation yet! (Music by Illinois Brass Brand under the Creative Commons Attribution License)"

Submitted: September 1st, 2018

Hall of Fame Winner
Video "Jowls!"

by Visual Feast

Genre: Any

Visual Feast15
Poorly Animated Cartoon Violence5
R.G. internet art Films1


by Visual Feast

Cinema's most terrifying creation yet! (Music by Illinois Brass Brand under the Creative Commo...

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"I'm coming for you Phantom Monk and Film Club!"

Avatar tgraciano
Bend, OR
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Due December 31
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