Exposed / Documentary
Completed June 13th, 2004
Here's your chance to expose something in a documentary fashion. Think how Dateline exposes those crooked buisnesses, or how Michael Moore exposed the firings in his home town.

"why was this lightweighted?"


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Description: "A basketball player is exposed as a phony."


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Video "Exposed"

by David Lehre Productions

Genre: Documentary

David Lehre Productions49
Naked Girl Island2


by David Lehre Productions

King of Filmfights, David Lehre Four Trick! haha just kidding. I really appreciate the contin...

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Smack Talk!


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Due April 2
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Clowning Around

Genre: Haiku

Rules: Clowns make everything better...or terrifying. Create a video haiku that involves a clown. A video haiku is a 3 shot film. 1st shot is 5 sec, next is 7 sec, last 5 sec. Examples: http://bit.ly/s34Fmc

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