Sitcom Reinvention / Open
Completed October 30th, 2006
Take a sitcom title. Now forget everything about it. Use the title as a launching pad for a whole new story. A short film. EXAMPLE: "That 70's Show" could become a short film about a bunch of seventy-year-olds

"lol BRILLIANT! I love you guys. I wonder if you guys used greenscreen to get the faces on the monkeys or if you actually cut and placed it. I'm not quite sure how to do it other than green screen since my editing programs is low key. Really creative, loved it!"

Avatar loveislbind2all
Los Angeles, CA
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Description: "A-OK made this movie MONTHS ago. But because they're assholes, they decided to submit it. Watch it though, it's funny as all get-out."

Submitted: October 22nd, 2006

Hall of Fame Winner
Video "Diff'rent Strokes"

by Just Jive

Genre: Open

Just Jive21
A-OK Films21
NNC Productions14

Diff'rent Strokes

by Just Jive

A golfing instructional video series teamed with bad acting , boring music , and choppy editing. ...

4 reviews
21 votes

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Next Months' Fight
Due April 2
00:17 max

Clowning Around

Genre: Haiku

Rules: Clowns make everything better...or terrifying. Create a video haiku that involves a clown. A video haiku is a 3 shot film. 1st shot is 5 sec, next is 7 sec, last 5 sec. Examples: http://bit.ly/s34Fmc

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