Viral Video / Short Random Media
Completed September 29th, 2004
Make our first Film Fights viral smash! Use what works best on the 'net to get as many eyeballs as possible.

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Description: "This dancing mom steals the hearts and minds of America (and the world)."

Submitted: September 10th, 2004

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Hall of Fame Winner
Video "Dancing Mom"

by Skeet Skeet

Genre: Short Random Media

Skeet Skeet51

Dancing Mom

by Skeet Skeet

This dancing mom steals the hearts and minds of America (and the world).

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Gas Station Haiku

Genre: Video Haiku

Rules: Make a haiku that takes place at a gas station! A video haiku is a 3 shot film. 1st shot is 5 sec, next is 7 sec, last 5 sec. Examples: http://bit.ly/s34Fmc

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