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Completed November 13th, 2005
Made a movie that wasn't for Filmfights but is still (somehow) totally awesome? Well, now is your chance to post it!

"You can really tell this was shot on actual film. Cool shots inwards towards the statue. Reminds me a lot of an old slient film - did you use a Bolex or something with a crank? Great lighting throughout, that seems like a staple of your movies. It really is artsy with no meaning, but I like the style."

Avatar Justin
Los Angeles, CA
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Description: "This film was shot in 16mm as a final project for Film 1 at the Detroit Film Center (May 2005). It was edited at first by hand (yes, really) and then digitally using Sony Vegas (thanks, Mike). It was hella fun, but 16mm is a pain in the ass."

Submitted: November 2nd, 2005

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Video "Glib"

by Five Clover Films

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by Five Clover Films

This film was shot in 16mm as a final project for Film 1 at the Detroit Film Center (May 2005). ...

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