Please Silence Your Cell Phones / Ads
Completed January 18th, 2006
You've all seen those sneaky cell phone commercials where they start out looking like a real movie or something else, and then suddenly the whole scene is ruined by a blabbering ring-box. Let's take that same idea to the next level.

"OK... this movie is the movie i tell my friends to check out when they come on the site. I always love you guys' films... and i am glad you used more regulars this time around. Great acting by Sam and Dustin - his facial expressions and earnesty is priceless... Great shot from inside of the cage. I burst OUT LO..." read more

Avatar HLR II
Muskegon, MI
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Description: "Who knew a cell phone could be so deadly? Who knew.. Go to http://www.slowmotionsickness.com for more short films!"

Submitted: January 7th, 2006

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Video "please Silence Your Cell Phone"

by Revolution Films

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please Silence Your Cel

by Revolution Films

Who knew a cell phone could be so deadly? Who knew.. Go to http://www.slowmotionsickness.com ...

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"Ya'll got murdered."

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