Training For Glory / Sports
Completed August 30th, 2007
Invent a strange sport (or use a non-televised one at least) and create a training montage. Show us how much your athlete really wants to succeed.

"this is soo good!"

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Description: "A young man with a bare face discovers in one shocking moment that without facial hair, he'll grow up to be nothing, loved by no one, and hated by all. Let the training begin!"

Submitted: August 14th, 2007

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Video "Training For Glory"

by One Trick Pony

Genre: Sports

One Trick Pony62
SinFilms, llc23

Training For Glory

by One Trick Pony

A young man with a bare face discovers in one shocking moment that without facial hair, he'll gr...

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Smack Talk!

"Oh thank God! I finally won at my own freaking site! So many sad 2nd place finishes this year.

Thank you so much to everyone else who entered, SiN Films (loved the baby punching), I've enjoyed seeing you on the forums causing a stir, there were really some great movies. Killdie you've got a unique eye for shooting and I dig it, and Blue Smoke, I'm sure you could kick my ass at Guitar Hero.

I've shot my entry for the upcoming "BLOOD FREAK" fight so I'll see you all there!"

Avatar Justin
Los Angeles, CA
Next Months' Fight
Due December 25
01:30 max


Genre: Comedy

Rules: The main character has a person that rides around on their back at all times. The burden never comes off, no matter how hard the main character tries. Do this practically or use visual effects!

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