Nursery Rhymes / Horror,Thriller
Completed April 13th, 2008
Use the title of a popular Nursery Rhyme to create an eerie horror/thriller. Here's a great list to brainstorm ideas from! http://tinyurl.com/yqnmz9

"I liked the static and the running timecode. It gave it a real sort of cheap home movie effect. The choreography was good. The pacing was good. The psycho needed more energy to make his character come alive. And the people tied to the chairs should have been more over the top i showing their fear. I actuall..." read more

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Description: "A brother and sister go on a killing spree and film it. Then the cops find the tape."

Submitted: March 16th, 2008

Hall of Fame Winner
Video "Pop! Goes The Weasel"

by Monkey-Penguin Productions

Genre: Horror,Thriller

Monkey-Penguin Productions257
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Swine Films39
2 and 1/2 Men Productions12

Pop! Goes The Weasel

by Monkey-Penguin Productions

A random couple stumbles in to an old house to find a mysterious crazy man in it.

2 reviews
257 votes

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