Bad Trip / Montage
Completed March 14th, 2010
Must include a short montage. Could be a bad trip to the supermarket, a bad vacation, or bad acid (hallucinogen) trip, or whatever else you come up with! (fight submitted by Jeremy Duncan)

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Description: "Two friends have a conflict about weight in the snow!"

Submitted: February 28th, 2010

Hall of Fame Winner
Video "Bad Trip"

by Skitzo Studios

Genre: Montage

Skitzo Studios29

Bad Trip

by Skitzo Studios

Arnold Shortsisbigger and Sean Ornery star in this story of a trip to an evil planet

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29 votes

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"Many thanks to all who voted for us! It is wonderful to have a win! nnI think both winners and losers wrestle with the question: What could I have done to improve this? To do so is to have the heart of an artist. This site channels such thoughts and gives us all a chance at self expression, artistic endeavor, and public affirmation. Hat's off to Jeremy and filmfights.com for offering us all a venue to learn and grow and have fun in. nnThe next time we enter a film fight, we may not get the most votes, but regardless of that, we will win, because we will come away from it better for having tried. Isn't that really what you take to the bank?nnI'll see you next time, and you'd better be good, because I'm going to be the best I can be, or not at all...and if you beat me, then good on you, but we will all come away better than when we began! Cheers!"

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