The Sock Thriller / Thriller
Completed March 6th, 2011
Very simple. Make a short Thriller film using thriller-style techniques (tense moments, scary music). Somehow include SOCKS into your film in an obvious or important way!

"Very good. Cheesy but tense fun. I really liked the girl's part. This could be an awesome feature film if it ever got the chance."

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Description: "Senator Sally Jenkins hires a mercenary to take down a non-white-sock smuggling ring."

Submitted: February 14th, 2011

Hall of Fame Winner
Video "White Sock Directive"

by Hey Killer Productions

Genre: Thriller

Hey Killer Productions77
Apsis Motion Pictures67

White Sock Directive

by Hey Killer Productions

Senator Sally Jenkins hires a mercenary to take down a non-white-sock smuggling ring.

9 reviews
77 votes

Smack Talk!

"Wow, close fight! Thanks to everyone that voted for our film. And especially thanks to the cast: Bobby Kruger, Julie Milillo and Mike Milillo. And to Larry Mihlon for the use of his dining room as a Senator's office. Not much else to say, so here's a shameless Youtube plug:


Avatar russellrules
Beachwood, NJ
Next Months' Fight
Due March 5
01:00 max


Genre: Any

Rules: Create a film that's only shot of character's feet. Tell a story based on shoes, feet, and what they walk on. Make Tarantino proud!

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