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Completed July 14th, 2011
Remake a Lightweight film from the past! Any fight, any Lightweight, you choose!

"When i watched this lightweight i didnt see much in it but you guys did a great job. The teleporting (apart from the first one) was really cool and looked great, i hate the music only because ive heard it so many times. The acting was good apart from a few unconvincing lines at the end. Great remake!"

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Description: "A nightmare comes to life. WATCH THE ORIGINAL: http://bit.ly/iDa3mV"

Submitted: July 3rd, 2011

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Video "Intruder"

by FCF

Genre: Any

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A man's decisions can lead him to an unfortunate future. WATCH THE ORIGINAL: http://bit.ly/jHelpf

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"Thank you everyone on & from Film Fights for giving us the opportunity to really show what our group has to offer.

Thanks family and friends! "Yous" Guys & Juzzy Johnson!

We're not stopping here & will give our best each fight. So stick around and wait for more films!"

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