Kickass Women / Action
Completed August 14th, 2011
Tell an action story with a female lead! Think Kill Bill, or Lady Snowblood.

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Los Angeles, CA
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Description: "a german short, where a boy has to fear his girlfriend..."

Submitted: July 31st, 2011

Hall of Fame Winner
Video "The Creep"

by TEXO Films

Genre: Action

TEXO Films26
Kickback Productions18

The Creep

by TEXO Films

a german short, where a boy has to fear his girlfriend...

14 reviews
26 votes

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"BOO YA! We actually won! Thanks to everyone who voted for us!respect for all the other submissions. You also did great movies! I've never thought that you guys will vote for a foreign submission. But you didn't care about subtitles and such! You'll hear from us soon!"

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