Video Time Machine Ad / Commercial
Completed June 15th, 2011
Justin's site YTTM.tv made an app! If your iPhone was a time machine would you kill Hitler? Meet Elvis? Get drunk with Lincoln? Winning video gets $100! Entrants get the app free

"Great video. Kids need a better reaction at the end though. One of them smiles. :) Really nice color correction and shot angles. One tip to make your production more "movie-like" is to shoot in 25p. This looks like 30p or maybe even 60p. That can really make a difference in the overall look of a video. Great job t..." read more

Avatar FearMoreStudios
Lafayette, IN
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Description: "He finds an old photo then he makes the most of his time machine."

Submitted: June 7th, 2011

Hall of Fame Winner
Video "8th"

by Knoptop Studios

Genre: Commercial

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by Knoptop Studios

He finds an old photo then he makes the most of his time machine.

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