Lost In Time / Any
Completed October 2nd, 2011
A historical figure has somehow stumbled into the present, in YOUR neighborhood! What do you do with this historical stranger?

"Hi! Looks like your camera exposure is set to "auto" - I can tell early on in some of the shots. Good to lock that guy down to Manual. Love the fake lighting! Or was it REAL? Good with the added sound effects, really brings a lot of drama to this guy. I'm guessing this guy is Jack the ripper! Now, I get the 'sh..." read more

Avatar Justin
Los Angeles, CA
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Description: "A mysterious character arrives in town; local man tries to figure out why he is in his town."

Submitted: September 16th, 2011

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Video "Lost In Time"

by Tomikazee Productions

Genre: Any

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Lost In Time

by Tomikazee Productions

Two boys wake up to find a strange visitor outside...

9 reviews
69 votes

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