Video Haiku Part Two! / Video Haiku
Completed October 8th, 2005
What's a video haiku? Well, it's something we made up a while ago. It's a 17 second movie comprised of three shots, the first five seconds, the second seven seconds, and the last five seconds.

"It's aight."

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Description: "My hamster Pervis Loinflash is suuuuuuuuuuuper cute. Also, if you haven't seen the movie March of the Penguins yet, you should."

Submitted: September 22nd, 2005

Hall of Fame Winner
Video "Caught"

by Five Clover Films

Genre: Video Haiku

Five Clover Films89
One Trick Pony61
Dont Ask61
Off-Red Eye Productions33


by Five Clover Films

"Caught" is a video haiku directed by Mike Madigan, with the haiku written by Cat Caldwell. Th...

13 reviews
89 votes

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