Death Haiku / Any
Completed August 5th, 2012
Create death themed VIDEO HAIKU! A video haiku is a 3 shot film. 1st shot is 5 sec, next shot is 7 sec, final shot is 5 seconds. SEE EXAMPLES HERE: http://bit.ly/s34Fmc

"The tempo in the first shot is just awesome. Second you would have needed to do more with. Third, you couldn't have done more with. "

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Description: "A man suffers a fatal, household accident."

Submitted: July 19th, 2012

Hall of Fame Winner
Video "The Call"

by Dain Bramaged Productions

Genre: Any

Dain Bramaged Productions17
SlugShellProductions 17
Phillip J Rhoades17
Visual Feast16
-Xzkape Productions5

The Call

by Dain Bramaged Productions

A guy calls his friend to see if he is still mad about the whole "tea incident"...

4 reviews
17 votes

Smack Talk!

"According to the votes, it's technically a 3-way tie! So, we would like to share this title with SlugShellProductions and Phillip J Rhoades! Thanks to all that voted for us! We can't wait to enter our next fight! Subscribe to our Youtube Channel for more WEIRDNESS! "

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Due December 24
00:17 max

The Grinch

Genre: Holiday

Rules: Use the title to inspire you, but make it as different as possible. Create a holiday film centered around a Grinch.

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