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Completed December 14th, 2015
For the first time ever, Film Fights is looking for a 10 minute film from you! Tell the long-form story you've always wanted to tell.

"Hey Storm Front Reno, great to see you guys back with this nice little film. I thought your story was very well written and kept me interested till the end, it kinda reminded me of the scenes in The Equalizer where Denzel Washington meets Chloe Moretz in the diner. Your location was cool but think you could have s..." read more

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Description: "A writer and a waitress have a late night conversation about creativity and the fear of what waits for us in the end."

Submitted: November 28th, 2015

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Video "Night Owl"

by Storm Front Reno

Genre: Any

Storm Front Reno6
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Night Owl

by Storm Front Reno

A writer and a waitress have a late night conversation about creativity and the fear of what wait...

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"This is my first Film Fight win and I'm very happy it was with this film! Thanks to all who voted... it means a lot that you dug the film enough to take the time to vote. Thanks to those I was up against. It was awesome being ranked with you and your films. "

Avatar StormFrontReno
Reno, Nevada
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Due April 30
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Intruder Alert!

Genre: Action

Rules: There's an intruder in the building. An alarm keeps repeating throughout your short, "Intruder Alert!". You decide the rest.

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