Death & Taxes / Any
Completed April 17th, 2016
"In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." So make a short about death & taxes!

"Overall I really liked this. The quick cuts to speed up the pacing was great, and the end was definitely unexpected. The use of the same shot for the quick cuts though made me wonder if it was the person was in hell forced to repeat the same thing over and over again, until I saw the end of the video. Wish the ..." read more

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Description: "A man attempts to file his tax return with deadly results."

Submitted: April 1st, 2016

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Video "Tax Exempt"

by Visual Feast

Genre: Any

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Tax Exempt

by Visual Feast

A man attempts to file his tax return with deadly results.

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"Thanks for all the votes, tax haters! Give it up for the sweet competition. See you on the ropes."

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