Action Movie Sequel / Action Movie Sequel
Completed December 11th, 2005
Good news! The first action movie in your series did great! Now the studio demands you put out another one as soon as possible!

"This video made me really happy. The intro may be slightly too long (just barely), but the music is great, so I didn't care too much. I think I enjoy this video so much because it's very simply-produced, but the end result is near flawless. Justin, you and I have very different styles, but I think some of the n..." read more

Avatar Griffin
New York, NY
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Description: "Five years after his first run-in with syrup and waffles in the original SYRUP AMOK, our hero is forced to re-examine his life after his one true love requests that they enjoy the forbidden treat together. If you're interested in seeing the original Syrup Amok, please refer to my homepage."

Submitted: December 5th, 2005

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Video "Confederate Cop 2"

by Griffinity

Genre: Action Movie Sequel

Chubby Commie39
One Trick Pony20
The Silly Apple Klub19
Dont Ask7

Confederate Cop 2

by Griffinity

In this highly anticipated, action-packed film, Brett Welter returns to the screen as Clark Caval...

17 reviews
82 votes

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Genre: Comedy

Rules: The main character has a person that rides around on their back at all times. The burden never comes off, no matter how hard the main character tries. Do this practically or use visual effects!

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